Lit Fest - Class III - 2020

The most awaiting fourth day of the JGIS Lit Fest began with the introduction of the novel The Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator in the form of wrap performed by Simran Nanavati and Preesha Chanderia , which was again brilliantly  composed by them.

The  novel Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl was  not only a part of  study of the third graders but it paved a path to interpret the message-“There is enough in the world for men’s needs but not for the greeds” through a skit. The children of Grade III brought the characters to life and presented the fantasy in the novel in a humorous and enthralling style. The children demonstrated their confidence in speaking, acting, dancing, coordinating and managing stage environmentThe programme was graced by Ms.Niyati Trivedi a faculty in Performing Arts in the National Institute of Design. She showered words of praise on the children and appreciated the settings of the stage.

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