Field Trip/Tour/Picnic

Visit To Science City- Aquatic Gallery (Class – Jr. KG) – 2023

Teaching children about ocean animals is very important as 75% of earth’s surface is covered with ocean. They can affect weather, food, temperature and even our life as 70%-80% of oxygen is supplied by marine plants. The never-ending water body is filled with various aquatic animals that are interesting, unique and mysterious. Although we have explored only five percent of the water bodies, we have already discovered around 230,000 species. 

Visit to Kankaria Zoo (Class-Nursery) – 2023

The toddlers of Nursery went to Kankaria Zoo on 15th September, 2023 to see wildlife, a whole new world of wonder. The animals need not be large or exotic: even common wild creatures such as elephants, deer and birds bring a thrill to children. Seeing wild animals in nature can become a child’s treasured memory. Wild animals have certain qualities that make them mysterious and exciting to children. Wild animals have to find their own food and they eat “weird things” like bugs and worms.

Visit to Indroda Park (Class-IV) – 2023

In this ever-evolving environment, the education system has made a significant shift by combining traditional and modern technologies to improve comprehension. Practical learning always improves and has a significant influence on the development of young minds. On 25th August, 2023 students of class IV were exposed to the various biomes and the way each biome generates an environment in which plants can adapt and thrive as a part of Programme of Inquiry Unit “Adaptation of plants”.

Visit to Traffic Park (Class-II) – 2023

Students of class - II visited Traffic Park, Ahmedabad on 10th July, 2023 as a part of POI unit “Communication”. They explored the “Traffic Park” and were able to use their knowledge and identify the signage. They interacted with the guide of the park and gathered information related to the same. Students followed the signage and enjoyed riding the bicycles. It was a wonderful experience for students.

Visit to Trimandir (Class-I) - 2023

This report provides an overview of the recent field trip organized for the students of Class 1 to Trimandir, Adalaj on 7th July, 2023 and was attended by 65 students.

The main objective of the field trip was to provide an interactive and educational experience for the students, allowing them to explore and learn about their senses. The trip aimed to enhance their understanding of 5 senses through hands-on activities and direct observation.

Visit to Botanical Garden (Class-V) - 2023

An educational trip was organized to Serenity Botanical Garden on 19thApril, 2023 for the students of class V as a part of Science unit “Interdependence of Plants and Animals”. We were led to the garden, where we could find a variety of plants. Out of all these plants, students are sure to remember those that had odd characteristics. Students were also involved in the activity of Bird Watching which was well integrated with the Social Studies topic of “Mapping”.

Visit to Science City (IBDP- I & II) – 2023

The students of IBDP I and II visited the Science city on 2nd March, 2023 to witness the Science Carnival organized by them.  It was a weeklong exhibition organized by the authorities of Science city to celebrate National Science Day which is celebrated on 28th February every year. It was a great learning experience for the students to see live demonstrations of some of the most complex science concepts.

Visit to Aquatic Park (Class-II) – 2023

An educational trip was organized to Aquatic Park (Science City) on 1st March, 2023 Wednesday for students of grade II as a part of POI unit ‘Aquatic Animals and Their Adaptation’. It was an experiential learning where the students got acquainted with different types of aquatic animals like shark, beaver, puffer fish, star fish, turtles, lobster, penguin, etc and their adaptation. Students also observed their characteristics and special features that help them to survive in a specific habitat. It was an amazing experience for the students. 

Visit to Sarkhej Roza and Adalaj Stepwell (Class-I) – 2023

An educational trip was organised to Sarkhej Roza and Adalaj Stepwell on 28th February, 2023, Tuesday for students of class I as a part of POI unit “My City”. It was an experiential learning where the children got acquainted with historical monuments. It was an exciting experience for the children to generate interest in historical buildings and develop their observational skills.

Visit to Science City- Aquatic Gallery (Class - I) - 2023

An educational trip was organized to Science city -Aquatic gallery on 24th February’23, for students of class I as a part of Programme of Inquiry unit “Fish”. This experiential learning got children acquainted with different types of fishes like sharks, ray fish, eels and many more. They were amazed to see a wide variety of aquatic animals like penguins, frogs, and starfish. They also learned how each animal is different from the other based on their characteristics. It was an exciting experience and learning for the children.