Lit Fest - Class VII- 2020

The day 7 of the JGIS Literature Festival was a successful journey, full of entertainment, humour and wit. The students of class 7 ICSE had put up a dramatic representation of the story   ‘A Hero’ from the novel Malgudi Schooldays by R.K Narayan.

The students successfully put forth the message that, “If one has courage he can do anything, strength and age are never a barrier for a courageous person.”

The students of class VII from the international section of J G International School presented a dramatized version of  ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The story is about the strength of true friendship that helps to transform a moody ill-behaved child into a caring change- maker, a sick wheel chair bound child to a healthy one and a dead garden into a luscious blossoming paradise. The students were in their element and pulled off a great act.

The guest for the day was Mr. Arun Khushwa. He is a Graphic designer and an Apparel designer. He also teaches design at the GLS Institute. Mr. Khushwa is a word-magician. This talent of his was witnessed when he invited some parents, teachers and students to make a live poem, out of the words that were given to him. At the end he gave his words of wisdom in the form of poetry to the children, praising their hard work and determination towards the  presentation.

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