June 2017

Parent Orientation of Pre-Primary - 2017

Pre-Primary Orientation was held on Saturday, 10/06/2017 in school auditorium. Principal Ma’am Mrs. Kavita Sharma along with the co - ordinator and teachers of the section conducted the Orientation. Most of the parents of the children of Pre-Primary section attended the Orientation .The programme started with welcoming the parents and a Power Point Presentation on The Theoretical Backdrop Of The Curriculum. It stated the 5 Principles on which our curriculum is based on.

Teachers Training Workshop by Mr. Kulkarni - 2017

The workshop was about how to enrich ourselves by encouraging /motivating our buddies and change ourselves in positive way according to situations. It was about how to trust others. “We cannot trust any new person is a belief not a fact”. A brief discussion was held on “to be natural as much as possible than to be normal” depending on situations. The centering activity was very good for relaxation and peace of mind. Conscious mind has its limitations, so one should try to use subconscious mind by giving auto suggestions.

Election for Head Boy & Head Girl - 2017

Election is an organized process through which the heads of a democratic country are elected. It gives the people the most important political right- Right to vote. At JGIS, this year too we elected the Head Boy and the Head Girl through this procedure. We conducted a mock election. The purpose of it was to give the children a ‘Hands on’ experience on the conduction of election.  We followed the same procedures as is followed in the actual election.