Guidance & Counselling

Counselling on Academic, behavioral, special needs- is seminal to implementing any curriculum in school.

1) Academic counselling is significant as students need advice and direction in selecting appropriate subjects/curriculum with regards to pursuing University education.

2) Along with academic counselling students also need effective mentoring in proper conduct in a social setup. Thus, the need for behavior counselling becomes essential as students and parents seek more guidance.

3) It is always a challenge to integrate students with special needs with main stream classroom teaching. This is, however, possible with proper psychometric testing and counselling.


In pursuit of excellence, JGIS brings in yet another service component for the overall development of its students! We are excited to announce the installation of Guidance and Counselling Cell (GCC) at JGIS on 9th August 2021.

The GCC members are trained Counsellors under the aegis of UCLA; going beyond imparting academics to students.

The objectives of the GCC are to introduce various life skills to its students such as;

  • Yog and Meditation

  • Financial Literacy

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Creative thinking

  • Emotional and Mental wellbeing

  • Concept of Seva

The second objective is to create awareness and sensitize the students to the importance of soft skills.

GCC believes that these skills are crucial and of utmost importance for its students overall well being and success in life. These are the skills which will help them develop their intrapersonal as well as interpersonal skills.

Each month a life skill will be introduced and discussed with students across school. The GCC members will help the students understand and imbibe these values.

We believe that these aspects of life and the role these skills play in life will assist the students – now as well as beyond school years.