January 2024

Visit to Science City- Aquatic Gallery (Class – Nursery) – 2024

Teaching children about ocean animals is very important as 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with the ocean. They can affect weather, food, temperature, and even our life as 70%-80% of oxygen is supplied by marine plants. The never-ending water body is filled with various aquatic animals that are interesting, unique, and mysterious. Although we have explored only five percent of the water bodies, we have discovered around 2,30,000 species. 

Annual Sports Meet - 2023-24

On the crisp morning of 6th January, 2024, laughter and excitement filled the air at JG International School Ground as students, teachers, and esteemed guests gathered for a day of camaraderie and athletic prowess. The event was graced by the warm presence of our beloved Chairman, Dr. M P Chandran, the ever-inspiring Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma, and Ms. Rema Nair, Manager of Parent Relations and Academics.

Visit to Samruddh Dairy (Class – Sr. KG) – 2024

Children of Sr.KG visited the Samruddh Dairy on 9th January, 2024.

The purpose of visiting a dairy was to give the students an understanding of the process milk goes through before reaching homes. The process of testing, pasteurization, and its importance to the stage of bottling was made well understood by officials at Samruddh Dairy. Children saw the machinery used for various processes. They also saw how butter was made and the packaging of milk and curd. This was a very informative experience.

Blessing Ceremony – 2024

The ‘Blessing Ceremony’ for the students of classes X - ICSE and XII - ISC, X - IGCSE, AS, A Level and IBDP II was held on 17th January, 2024. The ceremony began with a prayer song sung by the students of class V which was followed by speeches from the coordinators of various sections to motivate the students and bless them. The ceremony ended with the Principal and the Chairman’s speech that inspired and guided the students to do their best in the Board Examination.

Fete Fiesta – 2024

Life is about celebrations, vibrancy and cherishing those joyous moments that create everlasting memories; memories that help calm the mind, bring bliss to one’s existence and create a sense of happiness that otherwise eludes us in this mad rush of going through time lines and schedules.

Carnival - 2024

Education is not about paper degrees; more so in this competitive world where one needs the necessary skills to be a proactive member and contribute to societal proceedings. It is with this objective in mind that the carnival was held- to showcase the inherent potential of the budding children on campus and to instill confidence in them by way of interacting with parents and visitors.

Republic Day - 2024

JG International School celebrated the 75th Republic Day of India with a series of impactful events. The occasion began with a warm welcome from the Principal Dr. Kavita Sharma, setting the tone for the patriotic fervor that followed. The national flag was unfurled by Dr. M P Chandran, Chairman of the Asia Charitable Trust, as students of classes VI to XII along with the attendees stood in unity, echoing the National Anthem. A soul-stirring patriotic song resonated through the air, invoking a sense of pride and gratitude followed by mesmerizing dance performances.

Visit to Kankaria Zoo (Class – I) – 2024

An interesting field trip was organized for the students of Class-I as a part of their POI unit ‘Animals’ on 5th January, 2024.

The main objective was to have live experience of watching different types of animals and understand their characteristics. Students showed a great enthusiasm to observe various animals. Students could see animals in well protected enclosures whereas some were in an open area. Students were able to identify various types of animals according to their types.