Field Trip/Tour/Picnic

Field Trip to Traffic Park (Grade II) - 2018

Trips and excursions are an integral part of the curriculum. To create awareness amongst children, the students of Grade II visited the Children Traffic Park on April 11, 2018  as an extended learning of Communication unit. Wherein they learnt the rules and regulation to be followed on the road to become better citizen. Children took part in the interactive session and answered various questions that were asked.

Field Trip to Kankaria Zoo (Grade I) - 2018

An educational trip was organized to Kankaria zoo on 19thJanuary, 2018, Friday for students of grade I as a part of EVS unit “Animals”. It was an experiential learning where in the children got acquainted with different types of animals . Children observed and explored various kinds of animals like mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. and their characteristics. They also observed a special section of nocturnal animals and was amazed. It was a wonderful experience for the children.


Field Trip to Factory of Ramdev Snacks (Grade XI) - 2018

Living in Ahmedabad, Ramdev Spices and snacks is name we are very familiar with, and today students of class 11 ISC Commerce and Humanities and IBDP-1 were given the opportunity to visit the office and factory of Ramdev Snacks! Here, they witnessed the functioning of the administrative and production units of the company. The purpose of the visit was to develop a better and more practical understanding of economics and business related concepts. This trip surely served the purpose.

Field Trip to Kankaria (Nursery) - 2018

There are millions of animal species on Earth, therefore it is important to be able to identify them and understand about their habitats and characteristics so that we can coexist with them. With the theme of Wild animals and Sea Creatures going on in the class, children visited Kankaria Zoo and aquarium for better understanding. They saw wild animals like elephants, tiger, lion, jackal, bears etc. Sea animals and reptiles like crocodile, rhinoceros, variety of fishes, tortoise and water snakes were also seen.

Field Trip to Mount Abu (Grade VI) - 2017

JG International School had organized a trip to Mount Abu and Rajpura for three nights and four days. It was thrilling, adventurous and amazing experience.  In Mount Abu we stayed in a camp and did different activities like rock climbing, ziplining, etc. We saw the moon rising and the constellations. Bonfire was organized and we had a circle time around it and played games like students were given few tasks like antakshri, dances. Overall, the students had a great time having lots of fun and information about the place and things around.

Field Trip to Orsang Resort (Grade III) - 2017

A fun filled adventure camp was organized at Orsang Resort near Vadodara on 8th October,2017 for the students of Grade 3. The children had a variety of challenging and exciting activities. They did various adventurous activities like Zip Line, Flying Fox, Swing Jump, Burma Bridge, Hanging Zag, Rope Walk, Tyre Walk and Commando Net. These activities helped to strengthen teamwork and personal accomplishment. They had a thrilling experience of Night Trekking. The students were full of zeal and enthusiasm during the camp.

Field Trip to 5 Acres of Kindness (Nursery & Sr.KG) - 2017

Children of Nursery and Sr.KG visited a farm ‘5 Acres of kindness ‘ located on the outskirts of the city, at Gyaspur, on Friday 06/10/201 7 as part of the theme in their curriculum-‘ Pet and farm’ and 5 Senses respectively. 5 Acres of Kindness is a wonderful initiative, under which, rescued animals of a wide variety, from Gujarat and neighbouring states, are housed at a 5 Acre farm. The rescue farm, is run by Animal HELP Foundation.

Field Trip to Kankaria (Jr.KG) - 2017

Children of Jr.KG visited the aquarium located in Kankaria, as part of their theme ‘In and Around Water’ and ‘Transport’ on Friday 06/10/2017. They saw a wide variety of fishes, turtles, water snakes etc. They also saw sea weeds and what a coral looks like, as the artificial ones are placed in the aquarium. This trip helped them make better connections with the theme. Children also enjoyed the toy train ride around the lake as a part of their ongoing theme ‘Transport’. They all had fun in the bus, singing rhymes and songs.

Field Trip to Axis Bank (Grades X to XII) - 2017

Field trips provide students the opportunity to take a break from their normal routine and experience more hands on learning. JGIS arranged Field trip to Axis Bank, Law Garden Branch, Ahmedabad., for classes - 10 IGCSE, 11 & 12 ISC, AS and A level, IBDP II on September 19, 2017. In total 77 students were accompanied by teachers – Ms. Neha Amin, Ms. Smita Singh, Ms. Sushma Vasu, Ms. Reena Nathani, Ms. Hetal Philip, Mr. Sabu                                                                                           Officials from Axis Bank made very nice arrangements.

Visit to Science Express, Khodiyar(Grades V to VIII) - 2017

A trip was organized  for classes V to VIII  to witness the Science Express at Khodiyar Railway Station, Ahmedabad on 6th  September, 2017 . Classes IX  and X  also visited the same next day. The Science Express was like any other train, except that its carriages were painted white on the outside with drawings of environment-related themes and the inside was modified to house Science exhibits.

Field Trip to 5 Acres of Kindness by Jr. KG - 2017

Children of Jr. KG visited  a farm 5 Acres of kindness located on the outskirts of the city, at Gyaspur, on Friday 11/08/201 7 as part of the theme in their curriculum-‘Farm’. 5 Acres of Kindness is a wonderful initiative, under which, rescued animals of a wide variety, from Gujarat and neighbouring states, are housed at a 5 Acre farm. The rescue farm, is run by Animal HELP Foundation. Children fed the farm animals and also took pegions in their hands.

Visit to Children Traffic Park of Class Nursery

Children of Nursery class visited the Children Traffic Park located at Khanpur on Friday, 11/08/2017 during school hours. It was a theme related visit. The aim was to impart traffic education and training among kids and inculcate a sense of discipline in a fun way. The park has roads, signals and buses just like in the city but on a miniature scale. Few children could ride tricycles. They were given traffic lessons. The trip also helped them build social skills and improve vocabulary.

Visit to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (Sr.Kg) - 2017

Children of Sr. Kg Marigold and Sr. Kg Jasmine went to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre on Thursday 10/08/17 as part of their theme ‘The Universe’.  They saw Rocket Launcher and a 3D film on space. Audio Visuals on life in space was also shown. The children were delighted to see the exhibition. They went during the school hours. They sang poems on their way towards the Centre. It was an enjoyable and educational experience for the children. This trip will help the children retain the theme better. It also helped in building vocabulary. Social skills were developed.