Inter School Activity

Swadha- The JGIS Fest - 2024

JG International School hosted Swadha-The JGIS Fest on 20th July, 2024, an exhilarating inter-school literary and sports competition that brought together around 500 students from 21 esteemed schools across Ahmedabad. This fest featured a variety of events held in Junior and Senior categories, highlighting the students' creativity and abilities.

YMCA Carol Singing Competition – 2022

Carol Singing Competition at YMCA was held on 17th December, 2022 (Saturday). Once again we are delighted that our School’s Choirs both Junior and Senior got Second Positions. Both the Choirs were led by Music Teachers. Mr. Alan Noel Newme, where 13 students took part in the Senior Choir (Secondary Section) and 15 students participated in Junior Choir (Primary Section). Mr. Ruchir Joshi and Mr. Gyan Oza were the musicians for the Junior Choir.

Poems Out Loud - 2022

JGIS hosted the annual ‘Poems Out Loud’ competition on Friday, 15th July, 2022 where twenty-six reputed schools participated. Students from Class IV to IX participated for winning prices under different categories: The First, Second and Third Prices under individual category, and two special awards, one for reciting ‘The Best Self-composed Poem’ and the other for ‘The Best Vocal Quality’.

JGMUN 3rd Edition - 2019

The third edition of JGMUN was met with gusto by everyone. The day started off with registrations, followed shortly by the opening ceremony and the lighting of the lamp to mark the auspicious occasion. Our Principal addressed all those attending the conference with a short yet sweet speech. The conference was then declared open with the thud of a gavel by the Secretary General, Mr. Ujjwal Agrawal.

Inter school Recitation - Poems Out Loud (2019)

With an intention to give words and expressions to emotions and recreate the beauty of poetry on stage, JG International School, hosted the Inter-school recitation Competition ‘Poems Out Loud’ on 19th July, 2019. Twenty-nine reputed schools with 112 contestants from across Gujarat participated in the competition.

The competition was held in three categories, Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. It was also decided that JG International school, being the host school, would not claim any of the awards.

JGMUN - 2019

The second edition of JGMUN took place on 19th and 20th January, 2019. Early morning registrations were followed by the opening ceremony, attended by the Principal, Ms. Kavita Sharma, Manager Administration and HR, Ms. Rekha Anil and Manager Parent Relations and Academics, Ms. Rema Nair. The conference was inaugurated by the Secretary General, Mr. Dhruv Sachchade followed by the initiation of the committees.


We the students of JG International school are enthused to share with you that the JGIS  is celebrating its Literary Fest.

This week long celebration will begin from 5th of February ,2018 and will conclude on the  9th of February, 2018. Students of classes I –VI will bring to life each day the novels that they have read in the year.

Poems Out Loud (Inter School Recitation Competition) - 2017

JGIS organized ‘Poems Out Loud 2017-18’- Inter-school Poetry Recitation Competition on 20th July, 2017. 29 reputed schools of Ahmedabad participated in this competition. The competition was held in three categories: (a) Sub-junior: grades 4-5, (b) Junior: grades 6-7 and (c) Senior: 8-9. The Judges were Mr. Harish Iyer, Ms. Rupa Ramamurthy, Ms. Ketki Modi, Ms. Ankita Dave and Mr. Shorab Negi.

Inter School Recitation 'Poems Outloud' - 2016

JGIS organized ‘Poems Out Loud-2016-17’ – Inter-school Poetry Recitation Competition on 22nd July, 2016. 25 reputed schools participated in this competition.
The competition was held in three categories: (a) Sub-junior: grades 4-5, (b) Junior: grades 6-7 and (c) Senior: 8-9.
The Judges were Ms. Uma Oza, Ms. Shalvi Agarwal, Mr. Bijoy Shivram, Ms. Beena Handa, Mr. Sudhir Kulkarni, Dr. Nutan Kotak, Dr. Indira Nityanandam and Ms. Mana Yagnik.