Annual Day of Pre-Primary - 2018

Shades of every hue, makes the world so new, it mixes with each other, brightening the world further. It manifests in every bloom, driving away the gloom. ‘Life - The Palette Of Colours’ was the theme of the Annual Day of Pre Primary section, held on Saturday 17/03/2018.The show took place in the school auditorium from 10.30 am onwards. Life without colours, would not be life worth living and on this note, ancient city of momochromia, was seen, where people were dull and lifeless, until colours were given the permission to settle in this kingdom, giving life to lifeless…                                                   Children performed the skit, speaking dialogues with confidence followed with dances performing flawlessly. Every dance was related to each colour connecting them with the messages, signifying them. Good coordination was seen on the stage. The Chief Guest of the function was Mrs Lalitha Naidu, a parent of JGIS student.