Class Presentation of Grade IV(Diamond) - 2017

In this fast growing world, where we are all charged up to accomplish our daily task, we come across stress, frustration, anger and many other emotions that hover our mind. Class IV Diamond showcased a presentation on “Anger Management” showing its various facets; What is anger? How can we manage it? Anger is like a mirror, it reflects our inner instability. It makes us blank and blind. verbal assault, aggression and physical violence are the types of Anger. We often argue with our relatives, friends, classmates and sometimes with strangers but they often are trivial and useless. Due to this we may face consequences like strained relations, loss of family, friends and even jobs. We must learn to forgive and forget, something bad that happened in the past through various simple practices like taking a deep breath, count to 10, give yourself sometime to sort your thingsout.

Through a fabulous performance, students portrayed that anger has a positive effect too and it is always good to communicate anger. It’s good to be angry but it’s never OK to be aggressive.”