Field Trip to 5 Acres of Kindness (Nursery & Sr.KG) - 2017

Children of Nursery and Sr.KG visited a farm ‘5 Acres of kindness ‘ located on the outskirts of the city, at Gyaspur, on Friday 06/10/201 7 as part of the theme in their curriculum-‘ Pet and farm’ and 5 Senses respectively. 5 Acres of Kindness is a wonderful initiative, under which, rescued animals of a wide variety, from Gujarat and neighbouring states, are housed at a 5 Acre farm. The rescue farm, is run by Animal HELP Foundation. Children saw a variety of farm animals and birds, which they don’t get to see in their surroundings .They saw, touched, and heard them making noises, in turn, stimulating their senses. Qualities of empathy and compassion was also inculcated in the children as they understood how these animals have been treated and rescued. The theme was better understood through observation and exploration. They were very excited to see the farm animals. Social skills were improved upon, as children from both the classes mingled with each other. Children were accompanied by teachers and maids. They enjoyed singing songs and rhymes on the way. They ate sandwiches and drank lemon juice. It was a memorable trip.