Field Trip to Kathwada - 108 Centre (Class III ) - 2019

We the students of grade III visited the training centre of 108 on 12th of July, 2019   as a part of our social studies unit, “Safety and first-aid”.  The trainer explained about three kinds of burns, how to give first-aid at different situations such as insect bite, breathing problem, bleeding etc.  She also explained about their six projects.

She explained about three kinds of burns the first degree, the second degree and the third degree. The upper layer gets effected in the first degree,   blisters appear on the skin in the second degree.  In the third degree the skin gets whitish or blackish in colour.

She explained the first aid treatment for the following:

  • If we get a cut in any of our body parts, we should wash it with clean water and press the cut with a clean cotton cloth. Then the bleeding will reduce.
  • If any sharp object gets stuck in our body it should not be removed but should be taken to the doctor.
  • In case of any insect bite remove the sting with a smart card and wash the affected area with clean water.
  • If a person has breathing problem, first let him be in a comfortable position, don’t surround him, loosen his clothes. If he is taking a pump let him take it himself.

She also gave us knowledge about the six projects of 108.  Mobile Health Unit (MHU) is meant to help the village people , 104 is a telephonic helpline, 1962 is  animal helpline , Khilkhilahat is a helpline for pregnant women, 181 is women’s helpline and 108 is for all kinds of emergencies.

She also explained about different colour bands which they use to identify the cases according to the intensity of emergency.  In case of any accident, the people who reach in the first ambulance tie a band in the arms of the patients. The colour of the band will vary as per the emergency of the case.  The people in the next ambulance will take the patient to the hospital as per the priority.

It was a very good learning to us and we got a lot of information about 108 and its services. 

Report by: Abhyudaya Singh, III SKY

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