J G international school hosted its first Literary week from [05/02/18 – 09/02/18]. Students from classes I – VI enthralled the audience by bringing to life the classics that they had read during the year-“The Cat in the Hat” by class I, “The Jungle Book by class II, The Wizard of Oz by class IV, “Great Expectations” by class V, “ Bond with Nature” by class VI. The excitement of the students grew each day when they were quizzed on “Charlie and the Chocolate factory ” read by class III.        The inclination towards the printed word is on the decline and thanks to the internet online reading, social media are likely to fill up the thirst for knowledge. The study of classics will surely lay a very good foundation for developing 21st century skills. To facilitate and equip our students with skills required in the current times we had invited young, budding writers. Ms Smita Kothari from print, Mr Aalap Tripathi from electronic and Mr Aditya Shah from social media networks at our Lit fest. The literary week bought the students closer to the world of literature and language.