Visit to Mongiland - 2018

25th July, 2018 was an awaited day for the students of Grade III as they were going to visit Mongiland- the Monginis Cake factory to aquaint them to the process of baking and chocolate making and connect them to the novel “ Charlie and the chocolate factory” which they are reading.

They were explained about the general and safety instructions by the factory personnel and were told to carefully follow the instructions. As hygiene is the most important factor in food processing and edible product manufacturing industry, they were made to wear caps to avoid hair fall. Their joy knew no bounds as they were taken around the factory. Their mouths watered as they saw a variety of  cakes being decorated. The Manager of the factory explained to them, the various stages of production and the entire baking process. The students listened in awe as they learnt about how cakes are baked. An additional feature was  a movie which explained to them the various products made in a  bakery and the process of storage and distribution.

 Students were also  given an opportunity to decorate a piece of cake with fresh cream cones. Our little chefs were superb in their creativity. Finally they were excited to eat the cakes that were served to them by the Monginis team. They relished the yummy cakes and refreshments. They came back with fun filled memories along with a Bakers’s certificate.